fees you’ll be tempted by

We recognise that whilst you need a high quality of advice and level of service, you’ll need it to come at a sensible price.

We’re flexible with our fee arrangements too. We still offer, and some clients still prefer, a traditional hourly rate but we’re certainly not restricted to this – we recognise that this arrangement doesn’t work as well for some businesses.

Some of our clients work on a capped fee basis for each piece of work – particularly so for employment tribunal work. We find that many clients are keen on this type of arrangement because they know, from the very beginning, what the ‘worst case scenario’ on legal costs is going to be. It also allows them to budget and, because fees are capped, they often come in under budget because the amount of time we have incurred has not reached the cap when the case completes.

We also offer a monthly retainer where clients pay a fixed monthly sum. Under this arrangement, clients are able to seek advice whenever they want, and without concern about the level of fees. The arrangement is agreed at the outset based on the number of employees in the organisation and the risk, based on industry and dispute history, within the organisation.

It is typically operated for day to day advice but we also offer tailored packages which include covering al employment tribunal work as well meaning you’re able to budget accurately for all your employment advice for a whole year ahead. This option is favoured by many of our larger clients – the retainer arrangement is useful in ridding them of the traditional worry that ‘the clock is always running’ whilst they are taking advice. There’s a regular review so if circumstances change and the client finds they have a reduced need for advice, the retainer is adjusted accordingly.

These are just some examples of how we can work with you to make your business more effective. If you are considering a change of employment law adviser we can provide you with an estimate of fees, allowing you to factor realistic cost into your decision making.

Our business model also means that we can be almost infinitely flexible in the way we offer our advice and in how we price it in a way that may not be possible in larger firms.