not an ordinary law firm

You’ve heard that before. In fact we don’t know
a law firm that doesn’t proclaim to be ‘different’. So what sets us apart?

In short, it’s the quality and approach of our people. We don’t regard ourselves simply as lawyers, we’re business people.

After all, how can we help you to make successful decisions if we don’t understand business? We regard understanding your business as central to the advice we give. We take the time to get to know you and how your business works. In that way we can work in partnership with you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We are practical and down to earth. In our experience, businesses of
all sizes prefer that approach. You expect your chosen lawyer to know the law, that is a given. We believe that what matters to you is the success of your business. That philosophy drives the way we advise you – with practical solutions, telling you what we would do in any given situation in the best interest of your business. We don’t sit on the fence.

Neither do we quote the law. We are running a business as well, so we understand that people decisions are about much more than just the law. Our business is about who we are and how we deliver advice.