FAQ’s Cummins Relay Challenge – 14th October 2018

  1. What are the Cummins Relay and Team Challenges?

    Option 1: Half Marathon Relay - Your team of 4 run a leg each around the Half Marathon route, completing approximately 3.25 miles each. Your team result will be calculated from when the first team member crosses the start line until when your last team member crosses the finishing line. As in all relays you will have a baton to swap between legs.

    Option 2: Marathon Relay - Your team of 4 run a leg each around the Full Marathon route, completing approximately 6.5 miles each. Your team result will be calculated from when the first team member crosses the start line until when your last team member crosses the finishing line. As in all relays you will have a baton to swap between legs.

    Option 3: Half Marathon Team Challenge - Your team of 4 – 7 members will run the full distance of the Half Marathon route. We will then add together your fastest four finishing times to calculate your teams result.

  2. Where does the Relay start?
    Victoria Park Leicester LE1 7RU.

  3. What time does the Relay start?

  4. What time do I need to be at Victoria Park on the Day?
    Registration takes place between 7.15am – 7.45am, for all members of the Half Marathon Relay teams and at least the first runner for the Marathon Relay teams. Registration for Half Marathon team event is from 8.15am – 8.45am.

  5. What do I do when I arrive at Victoria Park?
    On Arrival make your way to the Cummins tent. This is positioned by War Memorial on Victoria Park. For Half Marathon relay runners, and Team Challenge runners all members of your team will need to be together to register and to receive your race numbers. Marathon Relay runners register here as well, however only the first runner needs to be present to register their team.

  6. How do I get to my start point?
    All Half and Full Marathon runners who are running 2nd, 3rd and 4th legs of the race will be escorted from the tent to coaches where they will be taken to their start points along the route.

  7. Can I make my own way to the transition points?
    For Half Marathon Relay runners we ask that all members register together at the Cummins hospitality tent. However, the Full Marathon team members have an option to register altogether at the Cummins tent and take the coaches to their start point or just the first runner registers and the other team members make their own way to their starting points. Either way we have coaches waiting to take you back to the tent when you have finished your leg!

  8. Why do I need to register so early?
    The Marathon route is run along main roads, these start to close at around 8.30am, so we have to ensure that the Relay team’s members have all been registered and race numbers given out prior to this. This then ensures that we can transport the 2nd, 3rd and 4th leg runners by coach from Victoria Park by 8.25am, to their relevant starting points, prior to the roads being closed!

  9. Can I leave my belongings anywhere?
    The Cummins tent has a cloakroom where you can leave your bags etc… but please do not bring any valuables as we cannot be held responsible for any lost items. Marathon runners who make their own way to their start point can leave bags and coats with the Cummins marshall who will return it to the Cummins tent, again no valuables please.

  10. Are Race Packs being sent out?
    Yes we will post out your teams pack, to the address you registered with. We’ll send them out w/c 1st October; this will include your Cummins t-shirt, wristbands and a schedule of the day letter.

  11. Will there be water stations and toilets available?
    All runners will be given a water bottle prior to starting the race and water stations are provided every 3 miles, along the route. Toilets will be available at mile 6 and at the Cummins tent.

  12. I am coming by car will there be plenty of parking?
    Yes, there is parking available but we cannot guarantee where this will be or how much, the areas surrounding Victoria Park do fill up quickly.

  13. How many runners will there be?
    In the Cummins Relay and Team Challenges there will be around 240 runners but you will be running along side the Half & Full Marathon runners where they expect there to be between 4,000 and 5,000 people on the day.

  14. Can I wear my own top?
    No, we do ask that all participants wear a Cummins Relay and Team Challenge t-shirt that is provided (in the race pack). This helps ensure smooth transition at change over points and helps Race Marshalls identify you along the route so it is for safety as well as practical reasons. We really appreciate your co-operation in this.

  15. What is the route?
    The Half Relay route is the same as the Leicester Half Marathon route and the Full Relay is the same as the Leicester Marathon route, both routes are shown on their site - www.leicestermarathon.org.uk/the-marathon-route.

  16. What happens if I can’t make it on the day – Can my friend run in my place?
    In this event as long as we are notified by Wednesday 10th October of any changes, then changes can be made. However the new runner will need to register at the Cummins tent by 7.30am, to ensure we complete all the required registration details. Changes should be notified via relay@cummins-solicitors.com.

  17. I have an old injury – what if I have problems around the course?
    The Leicester Marathon team will have full medical care/treatment available to all runners at the start, along the route, and at the finish. They take medical safety of the entrants as of paramount importance. The medical cover will be provided by St John Ambulance.

  18. How will I remember the route?
    Unless you’re leading the race this should not be a problem! The race route will be laid out clearly for the entrants via signs, barriers, route marking and marshalls and our team of trained volunteers. Don’t worry you should not get lost! Change over points for the Relay will be marked with Cummins feather flags.

  19. What happens at the changeover point?
    You wait for your team runner to arrive so it’s worth chatting to your team members before hand to find out roughly how long they think they will take to run their legs, so you have a rough time of when they will be approaching the changeover point. Watch out for your teammate and be ready to take the baton from them when they arrive. Please also make sure that when you are waiting at the Relay point for your team member to arrive, you keep over to the side of the course so as not to get in the way of other runners. When you complete your relay leg, please look out for your next team mate and move to the side quickly, before you hand over the baton, again to avoid getting in the way of the other runners.

  20. My team member isn’t at the changeover point, what shall I do?
    If a Full Marathon team member, who is making their own way to their start point, fails to arrive in time to meet their teammate, the previous runner can continue running to the next transition point but would not qualify for any awards. Only teams of four can qualify for awards and trophies.

  21. Are the relay points exactly every 3.25 miles or 6.25 miles?
    The four relay points are not divided equally, as the changeover points are made in appropriate areas, to ensure both the safety of the Relay and Marathon runners. For the Half Marathon the splits are: leg 1 & leg 3 – 3.3 miles, leg 2 - 2.4 miles and leg 4 – 4.1 miles. The Full Marathon splits are: leg 1 - 5.7 miles, leg 2 & 4 - 7.3 miles and leg 3 - 5.9 miles.

  22. What happens when I finish my leg? 
    For both the half and marathon runners a Cummins marshall and coach will be at your transition point and we will take you back to Victoria Park, except for the last leg where you get to cross the finishing line.

  23. Do you hand out copies of the route to runners/family/friends?
    Prior to the race information, the route is available via the Leicester Marathon web site and Cummins website.

  24. Can I listen to music as I go around the course?
    No, there is a strict rule laid out by the Marathon organizers that headphones cannot be worn along the route, please leave these at home. The Marathon organizers consider it dangerous to wear headphones or iPods at the event. Should there be any blue light services needing to pass you or any emergency messages given out by marshals whilst you are running you will need to be aware of them; therefore we must insist that headphones are not worn.

  25. What happens if the weather is bad?
    We suggest that from five days before the event, you keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you have time to prepare all the correct running apparel; not only to run in, but to warm-up in before the race and to wear after the race. The Leicester Marathon team will be working very closely with local radio stations, and information will be sent directly to them so that they can broadcast any relevant information. Check the Leicester Marathon website too in the days and weeks before the event as they’ll be updating it regularly.

  26. Can I enter a team of less than four runners for the Relay Challenges (options 1 & 2)?
    The more teams we have enter, the more money we’re raising for LOROS, so yes, you can enter a team of less than four runners. However, following feedback from previous years, the trophies will only be given out to teams of four.

  27. How many runners can I enter for the Half Marathon Team Challenge (option 3)?
    You can enter four to seven members for the team event. All of these runners can complete the course, but the fastest four finishing times will be added together to calculate your team’s result.

  28. What prizes are there for the winners?
    There are four awards in each challenge fastest women’s team, fastest men’s team, fastest mixed team and fastest team, overall. The Half Marathon Relay and Team Challenge will be announced around 12.30pm and the marathon relay at 1:15pm.

  29. What do we get at the finish line?
    A massive feeling of achievement and a pat on the back from the Leicester Marathon team and the Cummins team. Then back at the Cummins tent you’ll receive a Cummins Relay medal and a LOROS Leicester Marathon t-shirt. We will also have physiotherapists giving relief to any aching muscles, complementary tea, coffee, snacks and a hog roast or a vegetarian alternative for all. Most importantly of all, you will have made a difference to the lives of other people through your generosity to LOROS.

  30. How will I know how our team did?
    For the relays the baton used by your team has a timing device (the batons are given out during registration). This is activated by crossing the start line and the finishing time is recorded when the runner crosses the finishing line. For the Team Challenge the timing device will be your running bib that is provided at registration. The Leicester Marathon team provides the finishing times for each team and we will announce the winners on the day. We will also publish all the teams finishing times shortly afterwards and the team time will be accessible via the Leicester Marathon web site shortly after the race has finished. All prizes, records and team results are based on this.

  31. Where are the hilly parts of the course (miles)?
    There are no major climbs, only gradual inclines, until the last mile, it is a steady gradual mile uphill.